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Object Views

  • Node ViewNode View

    A flexible, (almost) infinite workspace where you have the freedom to organise your information as it makes sense to you.

  • List ViewList View

    Does what it says on the tin. Useful for quickly scanning contents, checklists or when space is tight.

  • Grid ViewGrid View (Coming Soon)

    Pinterest-like structured layout. Because, I guess sometimes that's useful?

  • Read ViewRead View

    A Flipboard-esque eBook of your information. Quickly convert all those object to a beautiful, touch-friendly, browsing experience.

Real-Time Collaboration

Wouldn't it be cool if you could build Charts together with colleagues, friends or people in your class?

With Braindu's amazing Real-Time collaboration feature, you can!


Sit and watch as your friend adds that all-important journal article, or your lecturer gives some much sought after feedback on an assignment.

If you've used Google Docs, you'll be familiar with just how useful real-time collaboration is when working in teams or groups.

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Publishing and Sharing

  • You've invested time and energy curating your charts, but why keep it all to yourself? Let others benefit from your wisdom by making your Charts public.

  • Fork

    Allow others to copy your charts so they can add their own information on top.

  • Favourite

    You can add other people's public charts to your favourites for quick and easy reference.

  • Share

    Found a Chart worthy of public nod of approval? You can share Braindu charts (including your own) on social networks for everyone to see and admire.

  • Fork
  • Favourite
  • Share
  • Watch Video Demo
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Object Groups

As your charts get bigger and full of fascinating information, you'll naturally start to see clusters and groups forming visually in your layouts. You can take this one step further with Braindu's Object Groups feature, by explicity defining relationships and handling multiple objects en masse.

Square ToolSquare Tool

Circle ToolCircle Tool

Lasso ToolLasso Tool

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Information Dashboards

Track and analyse the information collected by you and your team in one location.

Find insights that will help you improve how you research and find solutions.

"one of the coolest things I've seen"

Adeo Ressi, Founder Institute

We are currently heads down building something very exciting for helping you collect, manage and share information. As soon as it's ready, we'd love to show you. Register to get the first look and don't miss out.
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